Tabletop Magpies and Ruffians.

Magpie of Matar draft Rusholme Ruffians draft

For the last month I’ve been working with David Haraldson for his new Zine: ‘Back to the Spaceport #1’ 

‘Back to the Spaceport’ is a brand new fanzine for analogue science fiction games, think pen and paper tabletop games, and I was lucky enough to be asked to create some illustrations for the project based on David’s characters.

After some discussion, David sent me over the descriptions for the characters he wanted illustrated:

‘The Rusholme Ruffians’: a gang from Neo-Manchester, Smiths inspired poser gang, whose weapon of choice includes the Switch-gladioli.

‘The Magpie of Matar’: a ex-military wanted woman, organizer of Art heists.

These really got my brain ticking over, and I produced the above drafts for David’s approval and selection. After picking his favourites, I went on a produced the final two illustrations below.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this project, I don’t do sci-fi work enough.

Keep a look out for the Zine at Philcon 2015!

ruffians-web chow-

Linocutting my fingers.

IMG_2025 IMG_2026 IMG_2027cat-skull-trans

I realised after a night of endless scrolling through Pinterest’s craft category that my natural drawing style would really suit the Linocut printmaking technique.

So I decided to procrastinate some more and purchase all the gear I needed to get started: linocutting handle and tool; safety guards; soft-cut and Hessian backed lino; roller; brayer; and a multitude of block printing inks. Probably spent a bit too much money for this months budget, but hey, as the kids say: ‘You only live once’ and all that jazz.

When everything arrived, I immediately sketched out a little cat skull on a separate piece of paper to use as my first print.

I won’t go into how I transferred the image on the lino block for carving, as I actually watched the video below and I think it shows it better than I can explain. I have to say thanks to the author of the video as she has some nice and easy to follow tutorials for printmaking on her YouTube channel.

I actually photocopied my image twice, one to use for the line art, and one to carve for the shading.

After transferring the images across onto the lino block, and rubbing down the paper, I then set out carving down the blocks around the transferred images. This took me a while to get the hang of, but after I got used to how the material wants to carve, I actually really started to enjoy the process, I found it almost therapeutic.

Eventually I got round to printing the blocks, and whilst I haven’t quite worked out how to register the two linos together, I think they worked out really nicely, and look quite effective. I will definitely be using this technique in the future. 

Printed things!

Conceal the Self Comic.

This year, I actually got up the courage and applied to table at the Bristol Comic and Zine fair (BCZF.)

Unfortunately I wasnt successful in getting my own table but they were brilliant enough to offer me some space on their communal table! This was just the kick in the pants to get my comics finally out and printed, and I have to say they really look great, thanks to

It’s so great and satisfying, after all this time to actually physically hold something I made in my hands. Rather than dragging people over to a computer and saying “LOOK, LOOK I made this!”  I can now finally just throw it in their faces and make them actually physically see something and take notice. Something tactile. Something that feels real.

Available now at:

Through Time Mini-comic

Online Dating Disasters


Alright, so it’s not my usual style of work, but I had it in my head for a while, and it was just going to continue swimming around there until I just got it out. Based on the disasters that come from Online Dating.

You either meet a guy who sends Dick pic after Dick pic or you meet one that continually asks for pussy pics, maybe they’re the same guy…unlucky. 

How to become a Freelance Artist Workshop notes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been attending Marisa Jiménez’s workshops: ‘How to become a Freelance Artist’ at PaperArts, Bristol.

It’s been really interesting, I’ve learnt a lot and it was just the kick in the pants that I needed to start off on my quest in becoming a fulltime Freelance Artist. I heartly recommend going along to the workshops if she runs them in the future.

I’ve made a stack of notes throughout the 4 weeks, and I thought it might be a nice idea to share a few of them.

Passion over profit! Create something you believe in, don’t think about the money. Your passion will shine through and will make a better piece than without.

Always do your best work. Your name will always be attached to the piece, don’t think about the money, think about your name and your future.

Your service is special. So be confident! They’ve come specifcially to you, so don’t be afraid of the client. Your time and experience is valuable. 

You are what they see! Be careful with your social media networks etc. 

I’ve also got a bunch of notes on: website design; business plans; and contracts. Which I will expand on in seperate blog posts over the next few weeks, because they’re all a bit too indepth to put in this little blog post.

Anyway, enjoy, and just want to say a quick thank you to Marisa, the workshops were really great and have really motivated me to work harder to become a better Artist.

Lady Horns Artwork by Marisa Jimenez


Skulls and RedBubbles


Since my non-existant posting the past few months, I’ve been working on lots of little projects. I’m still carving away slowly on my taxidermy comic, and whilst working on that I gained some inspiration and made the above illustrations, which are all available on my new Redbubble page, where you can actually buy my art ON THINGS! Exciting.

The cushions, stickers and tote bags look pretty damn good, I might be buying my family’s Christmas presents from there

Check it out at

dog skull pillowcat skull tote bag


So it’s been a while since I last posted…again.

Life soon catches up with me and takes over from my Art time. 

From the last time I posted, I’ve actually moved….twice.   So I think that might be a good enough excuse.

I’ve recently been looking round at Studio spaces in Bristol, so that I can exscape home life and concentrate on working whilst I’m there, but unfrotunately of the spaces that’s available and in my price range, none really suited what I wanted. They were either too office-y or too ‘hippy’.

But fortunately, I’ve now moved into a huge room in a shared house just outside Bristol. The room’s so big, I’ve actually managed to fit two big desks, and permanently set up my drawing board and printer/scanner. So no more dragging it out and slowly setting up, now I can sit straight down and get to work. BRILLIANT! To exciting new beginnings!

Still unpacking!

Chandra Nalaar


I finally put the finishing touches on my Magic the Gathering fanart of Chandra Nalaar. It’s turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

Typically, I found some really great colouring and digital painting tutorials on youtube shortly after finishing this piece. Which kind of tempts me to completely restart colouring this.

Chandra Fanart

So about this time last year I got really into the card game Magic: The Gathering, and I absolutely love all the creatures and characters. The Artwork on each card is beautiful and what drew me in, but the gameplay is great too.

I especially love the planeswalker character of Chandra Nalaar, its a great design. So I’ve decided to start work on a little fan-art piece on her. I’ve just finished doing the lineart and flatting out the colours, now to move onto the details.