Puppet Warp

After my post yesterday, I realized that my painting didn’t quite emulate the ethnic face that was on my reference photo; mine looked more Indian than African.

So I went back to Photoshop and tried to find a way to alter the shape of the face without having to completely repaint it again (for the fifth time)

I discovered the Puppet Warp tool (under the edit menu).

Having never used this tool before it took me a few attempts to get the affect right. But I eventually got the hang of it.

Basically the tool covers the image in a mesh, using the mouse, you drop some pins on to the mesh, depending where you want the image to stay put, then you drop final pin on the place you wish to more/alter.

So for the image below, I wanted the width of the nose to stay the same so I placed two pins either side of the nose; I then placed another pin to the base of the nose, by dragging this final pin, I was able to stretch the nose downwards/upwards depending whether I wanted to lengthen or shorten it.

african 1

I used the Puppet Warp tool on the nose, lips and the sides of the face, to broaden the features.


I think this edited painting looks a bit better than the original, I think I’ll definitely have to remember this tool for future use.


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